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Carly & Aleks Alacahan

Taking on a home renovation project is- while exciting- a big pain in the arse!!! It is scary and time consuming and messy! Throw into that mix a 1 year old, 1 month old, a crabby wife and a travelling husband and you’d think it’s a cocktail for a disaster! I know!!! It’s what we were prepared for! However, having worked with Don was so different from the disaster we imagined. He transformed our once Drab very 90’s style kitchen into a modern clean and inviting Oasis! He helped with some ideas and was incredibly proficient with his measurements and follow through. Timely, respectful, quiet and just a professional. Don made his timelines and kept us apprised of any situations- thankfully, there weren’t many EVEN THOUGH WE TORE WALLS DOWN! I’d highly recommend him for another job any day of the week. He worked with us and didn’t take on another project until he was done! that means a lot in a world of half finished jobs and no shows- Don takes this seriously and his company will be heavily sought after because his work speaks for itself! Thanks Don!

Carly & Aleks Alacahan, Denville, NJ

Debbie Miller

Don worked in my home (built in 1997) approximately 5 days to address flooring issues. This is the 3rd time I have used Don’s services. Wall to wall carpet in the bedrooms had relaxed over the years and required stretching. However, multiple areas of both carpet and hardwood floors were squeaking. Don determined that the subfloor was inadequately nailed and in one area the floor was not level. Don and his assistant pulled back the carpets and padding, securely nailed the subfloor with the proper nails, carefully applied floor leveling compound in one area and reinstalled the padding and carpets. With regard to the hardwood floors on the main level, Don was able to address the problem from the basement by supporting the floor from underneath; he worked around ductwork and pipes to stabilize the subfloor. Don’s goal is to determine the cause of a problem and fix it correctly. Although this job turned out to be bigger than I anticipated, Don was very thorough to fully address the squeaky floors and there is a vast improvement since he completed the work. The carpets are tight and smooth. The hardwood floors are quiet and solid. We are satisfied with the Don’s work.

Debbie Miller, Madison, NJ

Lisa Gaschlere

Relationship: A neighbor for many years. Don recently did a terrific facelift for my bathroom. I appreciated the time he took to go with me to pick out the new vanity and floor tile. He is very patient and does a great job. Thanks again, Don.

Lisa Gaschlere, Chatham, NJ

Ira S.

Don did a very thorough and professional job installing my floor tiles. He gave a good estimate, was on-time, attention to safety and detail was superb. Looking forward to using him again on future projects.

Ira S., Cedar Knolls,NJ

Patty M.

I had Don update my bathroom. The job turned out to be more complicated than expected but he was able to meet all of the unexpected changes that popped up. When he was done the work was impeccable. He’s fair and honest and very easy to work with. I have some additional projects I need to be done and I wouldn’t hire anyone else.

Patty M., Union, NJ